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Products that open your Eyes

CGS Tower Networks的網路可視性及過濾解決方案,説明優化網路安全、記錄及監控工具,與此同時,極大地降低成本、複雜性及機架空間,使得企業能夠實現其網路安全及監控目標。

What we do?
CGS Tower Networks provides superior next generation network visibility solutions that enable and empower Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics and monitoring tools while reducing costs and complexity. We optimizes the tools layer by providing them with full network visibility and eliminating network bottlenecks in order to ensure maximum performance and benefits.
CGS Tower Networks and its industry partners offer unique network design services that will help
you maximize the return on your network and application investments while reducing cost and complexity.
We deploy the entire Network Visibility layer or expand and upgrade the existing solution with best of breed products. We offer innovative solutions to meet your requirements while reducing TCO.
CGS Tower Networks customers across multiple industries enable and optimize their Cyber Security and Network Performance Monitoring applications using our next generation visibility solutions.
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