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Since 2003, Dimark has been focused on providing device management and provisioning software and expertise to the broadband service provider industry. Our history and record of success has established us as a well-established, stable and respected leader in this arena.


Dimark's Software provides two (2) solutions:

Dimark Device Management System (DDMS)

Dimark TR-069 Embedded Client SDK

Dimark Device Management System (DDMS)

Dimark Device Management System (DDMS) is an auto-configuration server (ACS) designed for the automatic provisioning and configuring of complex network

equipment, reducing subscriber activation and support costs.


Multi-protocol Support:

– DDMS supports any CWMP device (TR-069, up to Am.5)

– SNMP v3

– New protocol support via plug-in architecture


DDMS Key Features: 

- Multi Tenant Solution

- Provisioning Settings Override 

- Device Provisioning 

- Advanced Device Configuration

- Alarms

- Monitoring

- Customizable Data Model Profiles

- Action Logging

- OSS Notifications

- Various Deployment Schemes (datacenter or cloud, standalone service or Docker)

- Permission Based Security


Dimark TR-069 Embedded Client SDK

Dimark Embedded Client is field tested code deployed since 2004 and currently running in tens-of-millions of devices across a very diverse array of platforms and environments.

• Enable rapid integration of TR-069 into target platform

– Widely deployed on Linux, Windows Mobile, various RTOS (i.e.VxWorks, Nucleus) and other platforms


• Best of Class Functionality

– Supports all elements of TR-069 suite of protocols

– VoIP provisioning (TR-104) supported and deployed

– LAN/NAT management (TR-106 and TR-111) supported and deployed

– IPTV/STB (TR-135) and NAS (TR-140) capabilities already deployed

– Wireless management (TR-196 and others) supported and deployed


• Key Features:

- Most Complete Implementation of TR-069 and Related Specifications,Including

  • TR-069,

  • TR-098,

  • TR-104,

  • TR-106,

  • TR-135,

  • TR-140,

  • TR-142,

  • TR-157,

  • TR-181,

  • TR-196,

  • TR-262

  • and others.

- Hardware Platform Independent

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