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Continual cybersecurity and Vulnerability visibility with VCode

Karamba Security

End-to-End Product Security

Peace of Mind

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Binaries from any ECU

VCode is an open platform that scans and analyzes binaries from any ECU system. AUTOSAR based RTOS from Vector and
Elektrobit, embedded Linux QNX and Android systems.

Wide range of Findings

VCode highlights oversight with detailed explainable findings: Known and unknown vulnerabilities in the software, compliers and linkers security misconfigurations,weak or empty passwords,embedded credentials etc.

Multi-Tiered Supply Chain

By scanning the final deliverables,in a multi-tiered production process, VCode tracks and exposes both internal and 3rd party components, shedding light on the supplier capabilities as mentioned in ISO21434 7.4.1.

Simple to Use

Easily integrate into the CI/CD pipeline, binaries are loaded to the VCode engine without interfering with the development processes. with its scanning speed OEMs can integrate VCode into the FOTA process,to assure security quality of the updates. 

SBOM Management

VCode provides OEM's with complete visibility of the SBOM components, including third party libraries and export/
import then in CycloneDX and SDPX formats.

Standard Base Reporting

VCode’s vulnerability scanning identifies and prioritizes security issues according to ISO21434 guidelines and UNR155 Appendix 5 mitigations, saving time in the last minutes pentest.

KS - VCode For OEM Two pager 2022 - Peac
KS - VCode For OEM Two pager 2022 - Peac
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