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iTROLL international co. ltd was established in 2009. Basically we more focuses on developing embedded devices on Android, Linux and Windows CE/WM such as Media player, Intercom system, Car DVR, etc. Besides, we also provide outsourcing services on porting BSP, Drivers on Android/Linux/Windows CE/WM. As for applications, we are good at Java/C/VC/.NET/Python/iOS/Android/Linux+QT/Windows CE/WM. Our Engineers averaged at least 8 years experience in the software field. All members had good skills in co-working, communication, coding and technologies.
Software Design Services
1. Platform (bring up, device driver development,
  •      boot up time optimization,
  •      power management and diagnostics) (e-Linux, Android, W-CE)
2. Web enterprise solution development
3. Cloud service integration
4. Man & Machine design cases (Windows, Linux)
5. Migration & Porting
6. Sustenance Engineering
7. Testing services
8. Android APP development for mobiles and tablets
9. iOS APP development
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