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TrapX DeceptionGrid
The TrapX DeceptionGrid platform protects your valuable assets against a multitude of attacks including malicious insiders and sophisticated cybercriminals.

TrapX 是專門提供詐騙式網路安全性的領導廠商,具有可快速偵測和即時抵禦零時差及 APT 攻擊的解決方案。其 DeceptionGrid 解決方案可自動部署混合 IT 資源的網路偽裝惡意軟體陷阱。整合 McAfee DXL 後,DeceptionGrid 便可與 McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange 一起運作,提供實用的威脅資訊,可加速辨識進階威脅並加以修補。

DeceptionGrid自動部署混合 IT 資源的網路偽裝惡意軟體陷阱,網路夾雜著真實的訊息技術資源的部署,這些陷阱從各方面來看就像是真實的IT資產。若有複雜的惡意軟體被企業主要的網路防禦忽略,並繼續移動意圖尋找高價值的攻擊目標,DeceptionGrid便會發動高可信度的警報。透過使用DXL,警報可驅使迅速緩解攻擊並恢復正常營運的行動。

Deceive, Detect and Defeat Advanced Cyber Attackers.

DeceptionGrid, named the Best Deception Technology of 2018, deploys a shifting minefield of Traps (decoys) and Deception Tokens (lures) that appear identical to your real IT & IoT assets that no attacker can avoid.

Actionable Intelligence

Just one touch of a Trap by an attacker sets off a high-confidence alert. DeceptionGrid integrates with key elements of the network and security ecosystem to contain attacks and enable a return to normal operations.

The Deception Product of Choice

DeceptionGrid analyzes your network and automatically provisions hundreds-to-thousands of Traps and Lures. Each Trap is tailor-made to be identical to your native environment. Attackers can never tell what’s real and what’s fake because each Trap is designed to look and behave exactly like your real assets. In addition, Traps can also be camouflaged as any specialized IoT and OT devices.

Deception Tokens

Deception Tokens (lures) appear as ordinary files, scripts and configurations, are embedded within real IT assets to bait and divert attackers away from real high value assets and into the traps.

Active Traps

Active Traps create a stream of false network traffic between deployed Traps to confuse and divert attackers that monitor the network traffic.

Deception Tokens
Emulated Traps
Emulated Traps
Medium Interaction Emulated Traps

Our patented emulated traps can be deployed at the largest enterprise scale through automation. You can select from a wide variety of servers, databases, workstations, switches, routers and Traps tailor-made to your organization’s native environment. After a Trap is interacted with and the cyber-attack is thwarted, the Trap will change its shape and location, so the attacker will never learn if something is a Trap or a real asset.

Hundreds of New Industry Templates

The DeceptionNet Community now offers hundreds of new industry templates (updated regularly) that are available for your use. In addition, our patented medium interaction traps also include expanded templates for specialized devices based on specific industries. These templates include, ATM and SWIFT assets for financial services, Point of Sale (PoS) devices for retail, as well as devices for medical, manufacturing and many more. This allows you to determine if attackers are targeting your specialized devices that are often vulnerable to attack.

FullOS Traps
High Interaction (Full Operating System) Traps

DeceptionGrid enables the provision of full operating system (FullOS) Traps. Our medium interaction Traps automatically extend engaged attackers through our smart deception to our FullOS Traps for the deepest attacker diversion and engagement. FullOS Traps also enable you to clone existing assets – you can completely replicate actual production servers to further deceive attackers.

FullOS Traps
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