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Protect data integrity, improve performance and extend flash life in data-critical industries

Datalight develops, markets, and supports software that makes the consumer devices and embedded computers that run the world more reliable, responsive and cost-effective. Since our early days in a Seattle suburb in 1983, we have built a client list stretching around the globe with technology companies whose names are synonymous with quality. We helped IBM build the world's first smart phone and have gone on to work with market leading companies like LG, Symbol, Canon, Sony-Ericsson, Bosch, and many more who are well known but consider our software a trade secret.
Datalight provides a solid-state optimized storage stack to forward-thinking tier 1 OEMs, such as Motorola Solutions, Bosch and Rockwell Automation. Since 1992 Datalight has produced both a file system and a FTL flash driver, giving us an in-depth understanding of technologies used in the flash controller as well as file system technology. Our expertise is recognized by manufacturers of mobile phones, consumer devices of all types, automotive, industrial and embedded applications around the world. Datalight host software is in 6 of the top 10 ruggedized handhelds, an industrial Converged Mobile Device similar in application workload to smartphones and tablets that demand high performance, data integrity and supply chain resilience. Datalight software is highly-reliable, operating system agnostic and works with Linux, Microsoft Windows Embedded and other embedded and mobile operating systems.
​We Provide:
Embedded File Systems

Flash Memory Drivers
Boot Solutions

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